1. The Vitals live at Silverlake Lounge Oct 20th, 2014! Free show. Click Flyer for full details.

    Flyer by the amazing gentlehula

  2. Hidden away mixing our new ep. Magic.

  3. The Vitals live

    Photo by ceethreedom

  4. Live 4-24-14

    Photos by ceethreedom for GrimyGoods.com

  5. "Eel River" 4-18-14

    Video by tapperinto


  7. tapperinto:

    The Vitals LIVE @ Casey’s Irish Pub 4.18.2014



    (via tappper)

  8. The Vitals Live at The Viper Room, Hollywood, April 24 2014

  9. The Vitals live 4-18-14

    Photos by Mary Tap (Tapperinto)


  10. The Vitals live at Hemingways Lounge, Hollywood April 8, 2014

    All photos by Casey Lewis


  11. The Vitals photobooth

  12. The Vitals on tour March 2014 California-Texas-Arizona

  13. Flyer by Casey Howard

  14. Live from The Vitals show 1-30-2014 at The Viper Room!

    Photos by ceethreedom


  15. Last night was amazing. Thank you to EVERYONE that came out to The Viper Room and to all of the new faces we met! We’ll see you at the next one! t.V
    photo by Heather Becker